How to Watch Pay Per View on Roku

How to Watch Pay Per View on Roku

If you’re hesitant to give up your pay TV subscription because you don’t know how to watch pay per view on Roku, you’ve come to the right place. There’s one caveat, though – you won’t be able to watch many large sporting events through pay per view on Roku media players.

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So, if you’d like to catch a hit movie using pay per view on Roku, no problem. You can even find some movies on Roku pay per view right after they hit theaters for much less than you’d pay for two tickets at a theater. However, that big PPV boxing match is another story.

Sporting Events Pay Per View on Roku

As of this writing, PPV boxing matches are heavily promoted and sponsored by media companies with huge ties to pay TV – Showtime and HBO.How to Watch Pay Per View on Roku

Roku does offer access to UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and it seems likely that nearly all PPV sporting events will become available via pay per view on Roku at some point. HBO has already begun cutting the ties that bind it to cable and satellite subscribes with its new HBO Now service.

In addition, you can now buy Showtime and STARZ through, with no cable or satellite subscription needed. Sign up to get a Showtime free trial here and a STARZ free trial at this link. Read my full post here about signing up for STARZ or Showtime through Amazon Prime.

Showtime and HBO must have already realized how many potential customers they’re losing among cord cutters for their movies and original programming. It’s only a matter of time before they conclude that they’re also losing megabucks by excluding cord cutters from expensive pay per view sports offerings.

How to Watch Pay Per View on Roku

Movies Through Pay Per View on Roku

Popular movies are a breeze to find on Roku. One quick way to locate a move pay per view on Roku is via Roku’s search function. Simply select the search option and use your Roku remote to type in the name of the film you’re looking for.

The search results should bring up all the channels where the movie is available, with a dollar sign ($) beside selections that are pay per view. Movie pay per view on Roku is currently available through VUDU, FandangoNOW, Blockbuster on Demand and Amazon Instant Video.

With few exceptions, most hit movies are available on any of the channels that offer pay per view on Roku. If I’m looking for a movie available through pay per view on Roku, I usually login to Amazon on my computer and look for it there first.

That way, I can add it to my watch list and have it available on any media streaming device in my home. I find this easier and more convenient than typing a movie title using the Roku remote. You can create online accounts for VUDU, Blockbuster and FandangoNOW (formerly M-GO), and search for their movie offerings from your computer, too.

Fortunately, Roku has added new voice search features to its newer devices, along with enhanced ability to find upcoming movies.

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