Everything You Need to Know About TV Streaming Terminology

Everything You Need to Know About TV Streaming Terminology
I had further proof the other day that LivingWithBeth’s readers are awesome. Someone commented on my post about cutting your cable or satellite TV bill, saying that she doesn’t understand all of the terms involved in TV streaming (Roku, Hulu, etc.). She wondered if there’s an article out that explains it all.

Your wish is my command. Here’s your ultimate guide to TV streaming terminology – everything you need to know about all of those TV streaming terms you keep hearing.…

Monthly Cash Savings Challenge: Lower Your Cable or Satellite TV Bill

Monthly Cash Savings Challenge: Lower Your Cable or Satellite TV Bill

We tossed around the idea of getting rid of our pay TV service for years before finally cutting the cord last summer. I thought it would take way more time than it did. I also thought I’d miss it much more than I actually did.

Seriously, my family doesn’t miss our satellite TV at all. However, I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to cut the cord in order to pay less for TV service.…

9 Gene Wilder Movies to Stream #Infographic

9 Gene Wilder Movies to Stream #Infographic
Gene Wilder’s passing came as a shock to many of his fans. We can’t imagine him as an old man.

Over and over again, we watch his classic movies in which he’s young and vibrant, or, at least, middle-aged and vibrant. You can stream almost all of his most famous movies, with the exception of “Young Frankenstein.” Everything else is available on Amazon Video and sometimes on Google Play or other pay-per-view options.…

How to Get Showtime & Starz Without Cable or Satellite


Here’s something you may not know: Amazon recently started selling subscriptions to Showtime and Starz, no cable or satellite service necessary!

If you’ve been hesitant to cut the cord on pay TV for fear of missing your favorite premium channel shows, the time has come. You now have new options for watching premium TV services in the same way you watch other premium services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.…

5 reasons Rokus make great Father’s Day gifts for men

5 reasons Rokus make great Father's Day gifts for men
If you still need some great Father’s Day gifts for men, you might want to think about whether Dad enjoys watching TV but doesn’t like paying ever-increasing cable or satellite bills. Moreover, despite over 100 or even 200+ channels, there’s rarely anything on that’s worth watching!

With a Roku device, Dad can always find something to watch – TV shows, sports, movies, documentaries and much more.…

Roku WiFi Problems: Fix Your Roku WiFi Connection In a Flash!

Most people who buy a Roku think it’s one of the best inventions ever. However, quite a few Roku users complain about problems keeping the device connected to their home WiFi networks. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to fix these issues.

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Roku WiFi problems: Fix your Roku WiFi connection in a flash!

Roku WiFi Issues Make It Hard to Enjoy Netflix or Amazon Videos

You may have Roku WiFi issues if the show or movie you’re watching stops, usually with a message such as “connecting” or “transferring.” You might also see a message that says Roku has lost its WiFi connection.…

Antenna TV schedule: What to watch on free TV over-the-air

Antenna TV schedule: What to watch on free TV over-the-air

The coming few weeks offer some great programming on the antenna TV schedule, including comedy, period drama and big sporting events.

This post contains affiliate links; see my disclosure here.

If you want to view and record free, over-the-air antenna TV on multiple TVs in your home, you may want to buy a Tablo DVR. Combine Tablo with an HDTV antenna and an external USB hard drive, and you’ll have a whole home DVR for catching everything you want to watch on the antenna TV schedule.…