Monthly Cash Savings Challenge for November: Groceries

Monthly Cash Savings Challenge for November: Groceries
For a long time, I thought I was getting a pretty decent deal on groceries by matching coupons with sales. It turns out that there’s a much better way.

For this month’s LivingWithBeth Cash Savings Challenge, I’m spilling the beans on how to really save money on groceries. It has nothing to do with sales or coupons.

Weekly meal planning does help, but only to the degree that you can limit the items that you buy. You don’t have to plan your meals around what’s on sale.

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Monthly Cash Savings Challenge: Save a Bundle on Groceries

Several months ago, Walmart started offering their online grocery order and pickup service. Previously, I’d rarely shopped at Walmart because I hate the crowds and long checkout lines.

Conveniently Order Groceries From Walmart Online

Let me tell you, Walmart Grocery has changed my life. I can’t even use coupons with Walmart Grocery, and I don’t care. Walmart is so much cheaper than the competition that I’m spending way less on my groceries even though I can’t use coupons and they don’t offer weekly sale ads!

Plus, they don’t charge anything for the service. Most grocery stores charge around $5 for online grocery shopping with pickup. Walmart shops my order for free, and they load it into my car, just like regular grocery shopping services. You can get a coupon for $10 off your first Walmart Grocery order, too!

When you first login to Walmart Grocery, be sure to check to see which Walmart stores in your area offer the online grocery order and pickup service. If your local Walmart doesn’t offer the service yet, keep checking back every couple of weeks to see if it has been added.

Shopping with Walmart Grocery is so much easier than clipping coupons and watching for sales. Plus, I don’t have to plan meals around what’s on sale.

With Walmart, everything is always on sale. In addition, I use Walmart Savings Catcher to get money back for items that were on sale at a lower price somewhere else.

Monthly Cash Savings Challenge: Save a Bundle on Groceries Without Waiting for Sales or Clipping Coupons!

How are Walmart’s Produce Products?

The Walmart stores in my area stock huge produce sections full of fresh fruits and vegetables. As I write this, it’s autumn, and I’ve been buying fresh strawberries for my daughter for the past several weeks.

I can’t believe how great they taste! Most stores have out-of-season strawberries that taste nothing like strawberries but a lot like cardboard. Walmart also sells Campari tomatoes, which are a small cocktail variety that tastes fantastic regardless of the time of year.

Monthly Cash Savings Challenge: Save a Bundle on Groceries Without Waiting for Sales or Clipping Coupons!

How’s Walmart’s Meat?

Meat from Walmart used to taste so bad it was not even edible. Several years ago, Walmart completely changed their meat and drastically improved its overall quality.

I regularly buy Walmart’s ground beef and hamburgers. Their pre-made burgers taste fantastic and are great for grilling or frying. I use Walmart’s ground beef in a variety of dishes, including meat sauce for pasta as well as chili. Their black label steaks and roasts are also delicious.

The only bad experience I’ve had lately with Walmart’s beef was a package of stew beef that had a bunch of gristle and tasted terrible. Everything else has turned out well.

How About You?

Are you with me on this? How do you plan to save money on your groceries this month?

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