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Traveling this summer? is offering some sweet deals if you download their free app and book using the app. These discounts are exclusively available through the app. Planning a beach getaway or a Las Vegas vacation? How about a visit to friends or loved ones while the kids are out of school for the summer?

The possibilities are endless, and it always pays to shop around when booking hotels, cars and airfare.…

Save Big on Gift Boxes for Memorial Day & Father’s Day


Need a quick and wonderful gift for Dad or Grandpa? With gift baskets, you can find the perfect gift and have it shipped directly to that special person. There are seemingly endless choices, too – sweets, meats, cheeses, fruits – something for every guy’s taste!

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How to Make the Most of Amazon

How to Make the Most of

Most people I know shop at quite a bit. I’ve been an Amazon customer pretty much from their very beginning, when they just sold books – real books, back when there was no such thing as a Kindle tablet or app.

My, how things have changed! The company now sells darn near everything and has cornered the market on ebooks with their Kindle ereaders and apps.…

Taste Trunk Review: Gift Boxes for Dads, Grads & Everyone Else!

Taste Trunk Review: Gift Boxes for Dads, Grads & Everyone Else!
It’s no wonder that gift boxes have become so popular. You can order one in a flash and have it directly shipped to anyone, practically anywhere. Send a gift for graduation, Father’s Day, Christmas or birthdays, or use a gift box to say thank you or as a hostess or corporate gift.

Taste Trunk sells dozens of different themed gift boxes containing gourmet food and related products.…

Father’s Day Grand Prize Giveaway Ends 6/19

Father's Day Grand Prize Giveaway Ends 6/19

How would you like to win a phenomenal prize package chock full of wonderful items for your dad, husband or other special man in your life? I’m thrilled to participate in this dynamite giveaway featuring home and garden products, games, pet products, gadget accessories, tools, personal care products and more.

Be sure to come back every day to take advantage of multiple free daily entries.…

Blackberry PRIV Review: Android Comes to Blackberry

Blackberry PRIV Review: Android Comes to Blackberry
I carried a BlackBerry for about four years and loved it. I finally caved in and got a Samsung Galaxy Android phone, which is also fantastic. The thing I miss most about my old BlackBerry is its physical keyboard.

I had mastered the BlackBerry keyboard. No matter how good an onscreen keyboard is, it’s no BlackBerry keyboard. I’m used to the Android virtual keypad now, but it’s not the same.…

Memorial Day Blog Giveaway Ends 5/30

Memorial Day Blog Giveaway Ends 5/30

Memorial Day is a great way to remember those from our past and to gather with family and friends. We would like you to enjoy your Memorial Day with a few prizes.

You could win one of four different prize packages, which include household products, pet items, educational products, fun games, tools and gadget accessories. As always, you can enter multiple times for free!…

Angry Birds Movie Review: Fun For the Whole Family

Angry Birds Movie Review: Fun For the Whole Family #AngryBirdsMovie #WhySoAngryI jumped at the chance to attend an advance screening of the Angry Birds Movie in 3D, not because I had any desire to go, but because both of my daughters, ages 12 and 6, really wanted to see it. I wasn’t expecting much, given the material available to work with.

In case you’ve never played the very popular and addictive Angry Birds game from Rovio, it involves flinging birds using a slingshot at green pigs who have stolen their eggs.…

How to Get Showtime & Starz Without Cable or Satellite


Here’s something you may not know: Amazon recently started selling subscriptions to Showtime and Starz, no cable or satellite service necessary!

If you’ve been hesitant to cut the cord on pay TV for fear of missing your favorite premium channel shows, the time has come. You now have new options for watching premium TV services in the same way you watch other premium services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.…

Verizon Offers Crazy Good Deals on Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

If you’re not under contract with your mobile phone carrier and not hemmed in by an installment plan you can’t pay off quickly, you need to take a look at Verizon’s new pricing on their prepaid plans.

Verizon Wireless maintains an amazingly far-reaching and reliable mobile network with blazing fast 4G LTE speeds. If you already have a Verizon mobile phone or can pick one up on the cheap (such as the LG Optimus Zone 3, currently available for $69.99), you can possibly cut back your cell phone bill in a big way.…